About Books4Results

I grew up in a home that valued learning. Both my parents at one time were teachers and took great interest in education. From childhood I dreamed of becoming a teacher and was delighted to one day reach that goal. Teaching in an elementary school with various grades for nine years was a wonderful learning opportunity. My teaching journey continued as a home educator for eighteen years. Simultaneously, I have enjoyed a career writing language arts curriculum which included presenting many workshops on reading and creative writing. Inspiring teachers, parents and children with the joy of literacy is a privilege. Smart Start in Language Arts for grades 1 and 2 was first published in 1996. Twenty years later we are delighted to see our SMARTS language arts programs expand to include grades 3 and 4.

Elementary years are indeed special. They are a time of incredible growth and wonder as children learn to read and express themselves through their writing. A solid foundation in elementary school is important. Children that thrive in elementary school usually enjoy learning and have the skills to continue on successfully in high school and beyond. Mastery learning in reading, spelling and writing lays a strong foundation so children can discover the joys of learning and the importance of self-discipline which are the basis for future academic success. Best wishes and happy teaching!


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