Books for Results - 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts

Books for Results - 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts
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4th Grade Language Arts

4th Grade Language Arts
By JoAnne Moore
Canadian: $175.00

American: $175.00

Book Summary:

4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts: School Edition was written specifically for teachers.

*Child is guided by a program that teaches fiction and non-fiction reading skills, writing and spelling skills in a sequential order. These are applied in the lessons and reviewed until mastery is obtained.

*Teachers discover a simple, effective method of teaching language arts using a teacher's manual. Lesson plans and answer keys are presented in a simple, straightforward manner.

FAQ's for 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts

Q: Is this a complete language arts program or do I have to purchase other materials?

A: 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts is a complete language arts curriculum containing both the teacher manual and student program. The student program is 150 instructional days in length. It is reproducible and bound in a 3 ring binder. The teacher's manual is coil bound and includes long range plans, weekly planners, lesson presentation, detailed answer keys and assessment checklists. Long range plans are presented on calendars.

NOTE: The only other purchases which need to be made are two novels and a few picture books which could be borrowed from a library.

Q: Can you step from Smart Start in Language Arts into this program?

A: No, the reading vocabulary and the writing requirements make it developmentally right for grade four.

Q: Why did you choose to write a language arts program for grade four?

A: Grade four is like grade one in that it is a foundational year and sets the success level a child experiences in upper elementary much like grade one does for the primary grades. The grade four program seeks to address the significant student learning needs grade fours' experience in the areas of non-fiction reading skills (which influence social and science success) combined with the expectation that students write well and produce greater quantities of writing. By creating a strong foundation in fourth grade, children are better prepared to succeed and enjoy upper elementary.

NOTE:The two novel studies (Charlotte's Web and Number the Stars) are completed once weekly, Alternate novel studies can be slotted in during this period if students have already read or completed novel studies on these two books. (Tip: According to Scholastic Book Wizard both of these books are at mid-grade four reading levels). Secondly, the need for individuated reading instruction can be met by incorporating multiple novel studies at different reading levels during this class.


Books for Results - 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts

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Books for Results - 4th Grade SMARTS in Language Arts


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